BE BETTER AT BEING BAD Starting at $15 / Month Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching For People In The Lifestyle JOIN NOW sexy girl butt workout BE BETTER AT BEING BAD Starting at $15 / Month Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching For People In The Lifestyle JOIN NOW
We provide you with daily workouts regardless of whether you are working out at home, a gym, or away on travel. It doesn't matter, we've got you covered. And every workout comes complete with a coaching video that explains everything we want you to do. We call it a "Coach In Your Pocket." ​ We even provide you with additional workout options that you can add to each day if you have extra time for specific goals. ​ You have constant access to our coaching staff through our secret MeWe group (don't worry, we provide step by step instructions) where you can ask questions or submit videos for technique critique. You now have a team of professionals guiding you on your fitness journey!
Your membership comes with our free Naughty Gym Basic Nutrition Plan. This is a simple, easy to follow program we have used with hundreds of clients to change their life and help them lose weight. You also get access to several of our free cookbooks full of easy to make healthy recipes! ​ Periodically through the year we run community-wide nutrition challenges that are always fun and effective because it involves members from all over the country! ​ Sometimes you'll even find us broadcasting free lectures on different aspects of dieting and nutrition. ​ And if you need a more personal approach, our coaches are available for an upgraded program to work 1 on 1 with you to really dial in your nutrition.
Naughty Gym's private and ultra-secure MeWe Group is where our daily workout explanation and coaching videos are posted along with movement demonstration links to everything we are asking you to do. It is also a great place to interact with your coaches and fellow Naughty Gym members by asking questions or even posting pictures or videos of your workout. Our online group is the perfect way to keep you motivated and accountable to your fitness program by surrounding you with other Lifestylers having fun and getting healthy in a community of positivity! You also get access to insider nutrition advice, health and wellness articles, beauty tips, party strategies to feel good through a long weekend, and updates about events in the lifestyle. And the bigger this group gets the more fun we will all have!

About us

Over 2 Decades of experience in fitness

We are the only fitness professionals in America whose primary focus is coaching people in  the Lifestyle and others in the sex positive community. We are gym owners and competitive  fitness athletes who have coached hundreds of others remotely, just like you, to the body  they’ve always wanted. And we LOVE the Lifestyle. When we go to a party or event we want  to look and feel our best and we want the same for you. So we’ve designed Naughty Gym  with that goal in mind. 

Nobody, and we mean nobody, offers a more complete fitness, nutrition and wellness solution  for less… lifestyle or otherwise! And it all fits in your pocket! 


Choose either an Individual or Couples membership and complete your registration


Once registered you will receive an email with our simple instructions on setting up a private MeWe account and joining our ultra-secure and secret group.

JOIN OUR Community

Once in our MeWe group you'll watch our Welcome to Naughty Gym video to get the lay of the land. When your are ready, watch that day's coaching video to see exactly what you are supposed to do for your workout, watch the demo videos, and you are all set!

Start your workouts




At home or Travel version of our primary program


An optional daily add on focusing on getting lean and chiseled.


Commercial or full home gym version of our primary program.


An optional daily add on with and endurance and stamina focus.


A 30 day program for anyone new to fitness or needing a easier path to getting started

Look Great, Feel Great, Don’t Get Hurt

Naughty Gym workouts are designed using the latest exercise science and methodologies  with a focus on keeping you safe, building longevity and making fitness a lifelong endeavor.  We want you to get lean, build muscle, and feel like a kid again. We are not going to beat you  down and make you miserable. We believe fitness should be fun… and maybe a bit naughty! 



Individual PLan

$ 14.97 
  • Daily Workouts for Home or Gym
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Coach's Instructional Videos
  • Movement Demo Videos
  • Awesome Lifestyle Social Media Group
  • 1 Social Media Group Account


$ 19.97 
  • Daily Workouts for Home or Gym
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Coach's Instructional Videos
  • Movement Demo Videos
  • Awesome Lifestyle Social Media Group
  • 2 Social Media Group Accounts


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